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The story of Sockwell is a tale of unwavering commitment to making the highest quality products that help people feel better in style. At Sockwell, we believe in sustainable sourcing, modern design, continually investing in technology to improve fit and performance, and supporting the needs of our community and customers.

Loved by teachers, nurses, medical professionals and expectant moms for minimizing swelling, and reducing fatigue. Savvy travelers always have a pair of graduated compression socks in their bag for long trips, when relief from prolonged sitting and standing is essential. All Lifestyle Compression socks feature moderate (15-20 mmHg) graduated compression technology in our signature Fine Merino Wool/Bamboo blend.

Why wool? It's the original high performance fiber. As yarn architects, we construct our socks with custom crafted, Homegrown Merino wool-based yarns like our Fine Merino Wool/Rayon from Bamboo and Lambswool/Alpaca blends. These distinctive blends combine our commitment to durability, sustainability, and performance.